• Jai Paul is a serial entrepreneur with a background in journalism and publishing. He moved into internet marketing as a side hustle in 2012 and then turned his backlinks business into a multi-million dollar company.
    Born in the north of England, Jai lived in London for more than 13 years but since 2013, has called Canada his “base.” He lives in the beautiful city of Montreal for 8 months of the year then escapes the long, bitter winter as a digital nomad, drifting around tech hubs in warmer parts of the world.
    Jai owes his lifestyle to the business he built using the principals in this book. This includes Express Links, a business that provides a completely outsourced link building service for SEO agencies and businesses.

  • Jai created expresslinks.io to produce niche relevant backlinks, with original guest post submissions on a scale in-house marketing teams can’t match.
    Getting here has been a long, grueling process. Along his journey, Jai has tried and experimented with many online businesses before reaching the million-dollar milestone. All the lessons he learnt are expressed in this book and are here to help you to work through the same goals and, ultimately, achieve a saleable online business.
    Jai continues to spend most of his time working on his business projects and providing consulting for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups. You can stay up to date on his current whereabouts by following his Instagram @jaipaul.id or Facebook @jaipaul.id.

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